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Due to ongoing health issues, I am unable to accept any new orders as of January 2022. Please accept my apologies. I hope to see you back here once my health has cleared up!

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I LOVE IT!!!! I'm currently at work (night shift nurse) and I love that I can carry this little pendant with me when I'm not near him. It is so beautiful. You did a wonderful job.

Carin, MD, mother of one

We received the pendant today! Oh my, it's more beautiful than I remember!!! I love it so... I have not taken it off, and so far I have not gone out once without someone noticing it! It is so special to us, and it's so beautiful, it's catching people's attention! Thanks again and again and again!

The pendant arrived in today's mail. It's beautiful and will be treasured by a new mom forever! I'm so happy about this gift and I look forward to giving it to my daughter in law on her first Mother's Day." 

Sara, Placerville CA, grandmother

Kerlina, Boulder CO, mother of one

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