Buttebean Boutique family

about me:

After I had my girls I searched hard for a way to preserve the memory of their tiny baby fingers. Photos just wouldn't do it - I wanted to be able to feel their newborn toes 30 years from now. I began working with metal clay, a material flexible enough to conform to fine detail and precious enough to be worthy as a memento. I fell in love with the idea and knew I had to pursue it.

I quickly became passionate about saving these irreplaceable memories in a way you can really touch. I founded Butterbean Boutique in 2012 when I realized that I could make these keepsakes for others, as well.


I am driven by the idea of capturing a fleeting moment in time.


Beautifully rendered and entirely custom in every detail, my pieces let you cradle your baby's hands at their smallest even after their grown.

Each step in the creation of one of my pieces is painstakingly completed by hand in my own home.

Your mold is carefully transferred into metal and embossed with your loved one's initials. Once formed, the piece is gently shaped and refined. I carefully flush-set it with a cultured gemstone after cutting the setting with a handheld bur.  After hours of firing, your pendant is gently hand-buffed to a warm satin sheen.


After many, many hours of intense attention and labor, your original mold is transformed into absolutely unique and personalized piece of handcrafted jewelry - a memory in silver.